Our Company is running for the 15th year.

We are planning, drawing, giving lessons and lectures about building in various forms.

The Story about Johan

My interest in building started in my early years. I was inspired by my grandfather who could make a boat out of his own timber.

After my graduation as a carpenter and a bricklayer I worked in building and construction for some years and continued as a teacher. This led me to a formal degree in teaching from the University in Umeå, Sweden, and to a 3 year contract in Africa within vocational training in a woodwork training institute for youths.
Coming back to Finland I enrolled as a student at Vaasa Polytehnic and after 5 years I graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering in Design of Built environment.

The company is at your service in planning of new buildings, extensions and renovations.
In the planning process, we investigate cases needed for an application for exemption and building permits.

We carry out different types of documents and drawings:

* Main drawings
* Working drawings
* Detail drawings
* Job descriptions
* Costings
* Quotation requests

When planning, we use different methods to design your building project, show how your building project will look and work when it's done.